What is Music Club?
Music Club is daily subscription type services. Service subscriber can download music without any limits for 0.10 GHC daily fee. Service provides hottest African hits. Content is provided together with content partner - iRokopartners.com.

How many SMS do I get per day?
You will receive 1 SMS per day with a service reminder about the new content to download.

How I can download content?
First of all you should register and become service subscriber. After successful subscription and service fee deduction from your mobile phone account you will receive welcome SMS message and will be able to start downloading!

How much content items can I download?
Service subscribers can download as much content as they want (or mobile phone memory allows to download). There is no limits. So Register and Start Downloading!

I downloaded content but can't open file! What happens?
If you can't open downloaded music file the issue might be with your mobile phone. Try download same file again or choose another one from music.eskimi.com.

How much this will cost for me?
Service price is 0.10 GHC per day. Additionally you will pay for mobile data usage. You'll be charged regarding Data plan rates from your Mobile Operator.

How do I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe by sending STOP MU to 585. The opt out message is free of charge.